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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sometimes it seems overwellming

The title says it all,So much to do and so little time. And to make it worse when you have to commute 100 miles round trip 6 days a week it doesn't leave much time for anything else. When you want to be prepared it definitely takes EFFORT. With the wife working now It's pretty much all on me.I sure got used to her taking care of the garden and feeding the animals.But like anything else you have to put in the effort to get it done or you have no one else to blame when the shtf and you don't have it together.I just caught a sale on chicken leg quarters foe 50 cents a pound so I bought 40 pounds.But now the fun begins,I had to break it down,vacuum seal in 8 piece packs and get them stored in the freezer. I keep a supply of frozen food for the hurricane season. The food stash is coming along well.I have about 50lbs of deer meat and about 30 lbs of deer sausage,a couple of pork roast,1\2 dozen rib eyes. 1\2 dozen rabbits, and a little fish in there as well.Speaking of rabbits I'm expecting 2 does to have a litter that's due in a week(more work). Also need to go to my buddies pond and catch a bucket of white perch as well.I won't eat any thing from salt water since the BP fiasco. Also I have trees that must be trimmed soon so i don't have shingle damage from wind.Also this debris must be placed in the burn pile and burned.My solar setup for the freezer is doing well I just need to get the extra set of panels out of the box and mounted and tied in so I have plenty of juice to keep that freezer running during the summer. The transmission went out on the truck last week and I think I'm gonna let my buddy with the pond have it for spare parts, he offered me $500 for it and I can put that money into my Bike.The way gas is going I will probably need to ride it some this summer.Also I need to come up with a new chicken coup this year(quick) as my present one is getting rotten and will not stand up to a storm.I also will be looking for about 25 chicks soon as the dog's got a hold of my 2 best layers. and the one I have left can not put out enough for the 2 of us to eat eggs everyday.Also the tomato plants I potted last week will need to go in the ground soon as well as a few more veggies i have in mind.Like I said EFFORT. well that's all i have time to write about now I have to get to work,Prep on......

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time to prep for spring

With the mild winter we are experiencing now is a great time to get ready for spring.Pleasant weather to get the soil ready in the garden,equipment maintenance,& odd jobs around the house.I don't waste my time watching tv or parting,I know when hurricane season comes I will be ready, not running around like a chicken with my head cut off.Supplies are available now,Plants are becoming available so it's time to get it done.Now is not the time to be lazy,get your work done now, besides we know something will come up that we didn't count on and if your work is done you can get it taken care of promptly without putting off necessary task.get prepping while the time is right or get left behind...........

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Uncomfortable or Complacent?

By CCCooper

By now, most of you have come to know that 99.99% of my posts are about prepping, getting mentally and physically ready to deal with as many different situations or scenarios that may happen.

I've posted about the why's and why nots. I've shared lists, other websites, articles on finance, the federal government, economics, delivery systems, natural disasters, etc... The list is long and varied.

I have come to a few conclusions that I would like to share.

1. Most people are clueless. The very large majority out there are consumed with their day to day routine (rut) and 2 weeks vacation a year. Haven't been taught to expect anything else. 40-50 hrs a week.Livin' check to check. Yet, cable TV, 2 cars, credit card debt, big screen TV, latest smart phone, and 2 days worth of food in their house. Sound familliar?

2. Some people are "almost" prepared. Through blind luck, good parents, or geographical location, these people have some sense and deep down are troubled in ways that they can't explain.

3. A smaller number of people are awake and aware yet are still struggling with a full commitment to preparing for the future. They are hesitant and seem to be taking a long time to get fully on board. They have moments of clarity and realize that they are behind the power curve and start to take steps to correct their situation. They are well read and understand clearly the need and necessity, just can't seem to make that final leap.

4. There is another group out there that seem to make it their mission in life to refute the obvious. "Its Bushes Fault" "The Republicans are the problem" "They (the government) won't allow a collapse to happen" "We are just in a slump; Its getting better" "I'm doing OK so everything else is OK, too" "If the Rich would just pay their fair share" "Obama just needs 4 more years". Yes, to me it is delusion of the highest order, but they are out there.

5. Another group is the one that is similar to the OWS protesters, but less motivation. College students across the nation are mostly unemployed and extremely clueless. And, they have quasi-socialist ideas and ideals.Self-explanatory.

6. Then, there is the group out there that seems to be in the minority. Those that know the Constitution, have READ the Constitution. People that truly understand the meaning of Freedom and Liberty. Folks that are self-reliant,understand personal responsibility, and realize that change of the worst kind is headed our way. "What you know, you can't explain. But you feel it. You've felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong. You don't know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind -- driving you mad." These people never hesitated to take the Red Pill

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can Openers – Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

By daaswampman

Can Openers – Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

How many times have I read on Prepper sites about how important it is to have an all metal can opener. They generally go on about how durable they are and how they will last forever. I have seen this miracle advertised in many Prepper catalogs for around ten dollars. All are about the same, all metal, swing arm and opens the top of the can. This conventional and accepted wisdom is wrong.

A conventional can opener opens by cutting the metal lid through the top. Yes we should always wash the can before opening and the can opener between uses, but could you in an emergency? The top is generally the dirtiest part of the can as it easily collects dust and anything else that may have been on it. The blade usually contacts the cans contents as the can is being opened and the sharp edged lid falls in. The can opener itself is not easily cleaned between uses due to the blade and gears. Ever consider what might be getting into your food such as metal shavings or coatings that have been applied to the inside or outside of the can?

In the 1980’s they came out with a side can opener or sometimes called a smooth edge can opener the eliminates all of these problems. It cuts from the side of the can (usually cleaner). The blade does not contact the food and the lid cannot fall into the can. Costs less than ten dollars at Wally World.

I have not seen an all metal one, but my first one is perhaps 25 years old and still works perfectly – black plastic and all. It may not survive a direct blast, 20 years in direct sunlight or dampness, but neither will any cans. It is always a good idea to have several backups. I have two side openers and an old top opener in each location.

This is a case where they built a better mousetrap and nobody noticed. DaaSwampman

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awakening to Awareness

By CCCooper

It has been said that the first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one. OK.
Problem. My house may burn down. I research and compare prices and service. I buy Homeowners insurance in case my house burns. One step better. I also have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. I also have a plan to get everyone out of the house and a specific rally point where we will all meet to get a head count. Problem. Addressed. Plan implemented and known by all. Worked out great. Most folks would whole heartedly agree with the above statements, right? Now I present another problem. I may have a need one day to protect my family. Possibly an intruder, a wild animal, a looter, a riot, a carjacker, etc. You get the point. Some person or thing that will willingly harm my family or loved ones. Solution? Mine is a gun. I practice to become proficient. I inform my family. I practice some more. And remember, when seconds count, a policeman will be there to protect and serve in a few minutes. I also improved on this plan. So, I am ready to protect my family in time of need.

The same analogy works with Health Insurance, Car Insurance, etc.

Problem. Our delivery systems are fragile. Food prices keep rising. The dollar is no longer worth a dollar. The Federal Government routinely ignores the Constitution. Entitlement programs are out of control. More than 50% of Americans are on some form of Government Assistance. The national debt is over 15 TRILLION DOLLARS. The chance of an economic collapse or other disaster is very high. Solution? Research is needed. A plan to address potential or likely scenarios. The basics must be covered. Beans, Bullets, Bandaids. How will I feed my family if there is no access to a grocery store? Where will I get water if it no longer comes from the tap? How will I see in the dark if the electricity is out for a long period of time?

The research will lead you to websites and books on many different subjects. With the proper mindset, you will learn to look at your life, and responsibilities, in a much different light.
Problem addressed. The solution will be on-going. The size and scope of your preperations will grow over time. Ask questions, but to the right people. Utilize the American Prepper Network and its forums on many topics and subject matter. Congratulations. The journey as an awake and aware prepper is just begining.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something to think about.

By CCCooper

With most stores getting their deliveries on a daily basis, our supply lines are very vulnerable to interruption. As a resident of the Gulf Coast, I experienced first hand what it is like when the majority fail to plan for such an event. No water, no food, no fuel, no means of communication and no plan. Many stores were cash only; credit cards were worthless. Traffic backed up for miles because very few had alternate routes planned. With the condition of our economy, government bureaucracy, and jobs being scarce, a small event could snowball into something that has nationwide affect.

Most modern-day urban/suburban preppers/survivalist have a G.O.O.D plan (get out of dodge) and a pre-packed bug out bag. Primary and secondary routes mapped and sufficient beans, bullets, and band aids to last a significant time. The large majority,however, will be like sheep with no shepherd, wandering aimlessly waiting for Big Brother to bail them out...again. And when Big Brother fails...again...to show up in a timely manner, those that do have the necessities of life will stand out. Take that into consideration when planning for those types of scenarios.

DON'T STAND OUT! Practice operational security. Stay under the radar. Do not try to be the saviour of the block or your neighborhood. Stay focused, work the plan, and survive to care for your family and those dependent on you.
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