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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can Openers – Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

By daaswampman

Can Openers – Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong

How many times have I read on Prepper sites about how important it is to have an all metal can opener. They generally go on about how durable they are and how they will last forever. I have seen this miracle advertised in many Prepper catalogs for around ten dollars. All are about the same, all metal, swing arm and opens the top of the can. This conventional and accepted wisdom is wrong.

A conventional can opener opens by cutting the metal lid through the top. Yes we should always wash the can before opening and the can opener between uses, but could you in an emergency? The top is generally the dirtiest part of the can as it easily collects dust and anything else that may have been on it. The blade usually contacts the cans contents as the can is being opened and the sharp edged lid falls in. The can opener itself is not easily cleaned between uses due to the blade and gears. Ever consider what might be getting into your food such as metal shavings or coatings that have been applied to the inside or outside of the can?

In the 1980’s they came out with a side can opener or sometimes called a smooth edge can opener the eliminates all of these problems. It cuts from the side of the can (usually cleaner). The blade does not contact the food and the lid cannot fall into the can. Costs less than ten dollars at Wally World.

I have not seen an all metal one, but my first one is perhaps 25 years old and still works perfectly – black plastic and all. It may not survive a direct blast, 20 years in direct sunlight or dampness, but neither will any cans. It is always a good idea to have several backups. I have two side openers and an old top opener in each location.

This is a case where they built a better mousetrap and nobody noticed. DaaSwampman

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