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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Awakening to Awareness

By CCCooper

It has been said that the first step to solving a problem is admitting that you have one. OK.
Problem. My house may burn down. I research and compare prices and service. I buy Homeowners insurance in case my house burns. One step better. I also have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. I also have a plan to get everyone out of the house and a specific rally point where we will all meet to get a head count. Problem. Addressed. Plan implemented and known by all. Worked out great. Most folks would whole heartedly agree with the above statements, right? Now I present another problem. I may have a need one day to protect my family. Possibly an intruder, a wild animal, a looter, a riot, a carjacker, etc. You get the point. Some person or thing that will willingly harm my family or loved ones. Solution? Mine is a gun. I practice to become proficient. I inform my family. I practice some more. And remember, when seconds count, a policeman will be there to protect and serve in a few minutes. I also improved on this plan. So, I am ready to protect my family in time of need.

The same analogy works with Health Insurance, Car Insurance, etc.

Problem. Our delivery systems are fragile. Food prices keep rising. The dollar is no longer worth a dollar. The Federal Government routinely ignores the Constitution. Entitlement programs are out of control. More than 50% of Americans are on some form of Government Assistance. The national debt is over 15 TRILLION DOLLARS. The chance of an economic collapse or other disaster is very high. Solution? Research is needed. A plan to address potential or likely scenarios. The basics must be covered. Beans, Bullets, Bandaids. How will I feed my family if there is no access to a grocery store? Where will I get water if it no longer comes from the tap? How will I see in the dark if the electricity is out for a long period of time?

The research will lead you to websites and books on many different subjects. With the proper mindset, you will learn to look at your life, and responsibilities, in a much different light.
Problem addressed. The solution will be on-going. The size and scope of your preperations will grow over time. Ask questions, but to the right people. Utilize the American Prepper Network and its forums on many topics and subject matter. Congratulations. The journey as an awake and aware prepper is just begining.

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