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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Working on meat stash for the coming rough times

As part of my self sufficiency plan now that the weather is cooling off a bit it is time to get some rabbits breeding and get some meat in the freezer.I just harvested my first litter of 4 month old bunnies and it was a nice addition to my freezer stash.I will breed 2 does for now and once those litters are about a month old I'll breed 2 more and that should get me way ahead of the game for getting stocked up for next hurricane season. I still have about a dozen left from last year after a couple of grilling sessions and treating some friends who are fond of my furry lil friends.
The cooler weather will also break loose the fishing in my friends 2 ponds so I will try and load up on those Tomorrow and the next couple of weekends.Last I checked fish was going for 5 or 6 bucks a pound so this will be a great help on the pocketbook.I love Perch and I know these aren't contaminated like the fish in the gulf or the pearl river that is recovering from a chemical spill a month or so ago.That's if they even have any fish left after the fish kill.
I noticed that Boston Butt pork roast is on sale at Rouse's for a buck a pound so I will stop and buy 20 or 30 lbs on the way home.
Well that's it for now .Don't be left out Get a Plan And get to it..............

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