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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My thoughts on the recent California blackout

It seems like a lot of people got caught by surprise by the recent power outage in California. Millions of people all of a sudden had a big WTF moment with no warning. A little prep would have went a LONG way. I am listing my thoughts on how my preps would have done in this scenario.

1) Cash –no ATM / no bank-if you don’t have cash you can’t play the game. I know times are tight and I’m as broke as anybody but I have $100 stashed for essentials that doesn’t get touched for anything but a shtf event.

2) Gas-I have at least ½ tank of gas in my car at all times to make sure I can get home from where ever I may be in the course of my day. I also have 15 gallons of treated gas stashed for the generator at all times. More if it’s Hurricane season.

3) Freezers- I have 2 small chest freezers- 1 inside the house -1 in the shed. If I don’t have them full of food then they are full of 2 liter pop bottles full of water. These machines are very efficient. If they are full they hardly run at all. You also have the benefit of ready-made ice and when defrosted fresh drinking water. so you are killing a lot of birds with one stone.

4) Cooking- The pit is on the porch with a stashed propane tank in the shed in addition to the 2 tanks that I rotate out for normal use so no problems there.

5) Emergency power & lighting-It is here that forethought really pays off. I have a Portable battery backup with 1500-watt inverter to run my back up lighting in the house as well as a small am/fm radio. . My lighting set up consist of 3 lamps with 15 watt compact florescent bulbs. I also have a small 7 inch digital TV. So altogether I have a 60 watt draw with all the light and communications I need. If the outage is extended I can run the freezer off and on a couple of times a day to keep everything frozen. In addition in the shed I have a separate 750 watt system that will keep that freezer operating. And of course a small solar panel array to keep things charged up if the outage is extended. The generator will be run only when necessary for security reasons.

6) Food –The usual 90 day prepper supply of canned goods& & essentials I keep for tough times.

7)Security- 45 on my hip with the shotgun handy in case anybody gets stupid.Pit bull and Shepard in the yard on patrol

So as you can see if you are prepared things like this blackout are hardly even a inconvenience if you are ready for them. I don’t feel like I’m ready for the end of the world yet but getting prepped doesn’t happen overnight. It took me awhile to accumulate these supplies & equipment on a shoestring budget but I am constantly thinking about what I need and try and squeeze in something every payday that will advance my preps.
Bottom line is get a plan together & get working on it so these things are minor
and a non event for you.Scrambling around with the rest of the sheeple in a event just makes a big deal out of a small inconvenience and puts you at risk fighting with the mass of people over dwindling supplies. prep on...........


Brigid said...

That is a great synopsis of the basics. I'm finding more people now are asking me about the blue barrels in the back of the house, the water, the tools.

Rhino said...

Thanks Brigid,that means a lot coming from you.Thanks for stopping bye and say hi to Barkley.

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