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Friday, September 2, 2011

Here comes Lee

Now is when it pays off to be a prepper.If you need supplies you will have to goand fight with the Hoards for supplies and wish for the best.Lucky for us that this is gonna be a low intensity storm so any disruptions should be minimal.It will be a rain event and widespread flooding is expected.So if your house is up off the ground you should be OK to stay at home.That doesn't mean it won't be inconvenient. There will probably be power loss due to downed trees and such but after what we went through post Katrina you should know to depend on yourself.If not well some people never learn and you will have to wait until repairs can be made or maybe Uncle Sugar will come by and give you a hand.I don't want to be waiting on anyone. I have everything that I need on hand-and it is no accident.Been here done that.Wise up or do without.
prep on......................

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