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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pollution update

A local sportsman writer reported today that where the Pearl river drains in to the Rigolets pass was definitely a black discolored water with a stinky chemical smell.No notice of dead fish yet but it's early.I'm sure it will affect the crabs & fish.A real disaster for sure.No mention of anything being done for cleanup except that they have shut down the paper mill.So I guess for the cost of Big Business we will continue to destroy the environment .
and from the Times Picayune:

St. Tammany Parish President Kevin Davis has declared a state of emergency following a fish kill that has affected up to 50 miles of the Pearl River.

The declaration allows the parish to apply for state assistance, according to a news release issued late Tuesday.

“Acting upon direction of the LA Department of Health and Hospitals, it is ordered that no citizens should swim, wade, fish or come in contact with waterways in the Pearl River watershed, including its tributaries,” the news release said.

It also advised that no one eat, handle or collect fish or shellfish from those waters and that pets be kept from the water.

Though the state Department of Environmental Quality has not officially provided a cause of the fish kill, a Bogalusa paper mill owned by the Austin, Texas-based company Temple-Inland has admitted a wastewater discharge into the river shortly before the fish kill occurred.

"Last week, an unknown substance entered the Pearl River near the paper mill in Bogalusa in Washington Parish,” the parish news release said. “The river began turning black and fish began to die. The discharge area is not 40-50 miles long reaching from south of Bogalusa to the Rigolets Bridge. The black area is moving southward slowly. Fish and shellfish are being killed by the substance.”

Drinking water has not been affected by the wastewater discharge or the fish kill, parish officials said.

The parish also advised anyone who comes in contact with the water and experiences illness such as skin irritation or infections, upset stomach or sore throat or breathing difficulties should seek medical help right away.

I only believe half of what I see & nothing of what they say.Sorry I just don't trust em . Stay away and only eat fish from a pond is my advise.
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