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Monday, July 18, 2011

How quick things can change

Just goes to show ya how a bad situation can sprout up fast.I was at work with a hour to go on the overnight shift when at about 6am BAM!! 6 inchs of rain in 1 hour.Needless to say tshtf for my little world.4 feet of water on the street .Sandbagging the front lobby door.Pumping out the underground garage housing a bout 75 high end cars.Keeping my Engine room dry 2 floors below ground level.A real ball-buster.instead of getting off at 7am my ass was dragging out of here about 10 with waterlogged feet and soaking wet.After a hour long commute home I got a bath(more water!!) and slept like a rock. Just goes to show ya you never know when ya will get caught with ya pants down so ya gotta be prepared at all times.Well at least it wasn't a Hurricane...........prep on

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