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Monday, March 28, 2011

Gotta have Water

When in a Disaster or down grid situation water will not be available from the tap.And it's the #1 thing you can not do without.In my neck of the woods you will need more than normal because of the heat.Every household in the world would do well to have a filter on hand. How often do we get a boil-your-water order right here in America? After the Katrina disaster, the number one problem was safe drinking water. This is the number one problem facing survivors of most disasters. And the disaster does not have to be more than a broken water pipe in your neighborhood. The Berkey system is the Gold standard but many don't have the hundreds of bucks needed to get set up.kits can be had on the internet that enable you to build one for less than 75 bucks. Pics show it better than I say it.Get it together while your money can still buy something & supplies are still available...................

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