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Monday, July 5, 2010

More Bad News

I hate to be the one to post this but if true we are surly in shtf land.All this info comes from knowledgeable people so I tend to believe it.I don't think I can run far enough away to escape it so I can only have faith that God will take care of my Family & I and continue to prep for what may come.Make your own decisions & may God bless us all....................

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Aloha2U said...

This is really bad news to hear, all my heartfelt prayers go out to all of you.

I really don't think people realize how bad it is and it's implications throughout this nation.

I find it truly disturbing to think where is all the help. I mean, O'bucket of bail-outs was quick to help Haiti but slow to move on our own countries wellbeing, safety and everything else. What ever happen to the "help the gulf oil spill" efforts like donations, concerts, organizations etc, that you always hear about through the red cross and everybody else coming out of the woodworks when disaster strikes?

Something is so wrong with this picture and it's downright smelly bad.

A few days ago the hubby told me that he heard on our local TV broadcasts that Hawaii was the destination to be at this 4th of July weekend. My reply was, yeah only because there's no oil spill out here yet other than that we truly aren't "the" destination to be. And believe me I stressed "yet".

I have been telling him how bad it is for you folks but he's got his head in the sand like the rest of the globe, really pisses me off to say the least. I feel for you folks bigtime and I'm well aware of the ocean and how far reaching these disasters are and can spread but I don't think people can stretch their peabodied brains that much. Take care & God bless!

Anonymous said...


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