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Friday, June 25, 2010

Possible trouble in Sportsmans Paridise

Well it looks like we will have to keep a eye on the gulf early in the Hurricane season this year.If this storm really comes anywhere in the central gulf we are going to be swimming in oil. I have been thinking about the scenarios that could play out with this oil spill & coupled with the rumors of troops stationed along the coast we could possibly all get the shaft big time.Scuttlebutt has it that if the population has to evacuate & the oil gets pushed up in the marshes that the Government won't let us come back due to hazardous conditions.(air quality contaminated water ,etc),Witch will mean it will be worse than Katrina.How will you make it?Remember that A ton of people were relocated,got a check from Uncle Sugar and were left to fend for themselves.Only this time the Government is broke so we will surly be on our own big time!.Stock up on any Special needs & medicines right away. I suggest if you can afford it to preposition your preps& anything else you don't want to loose forever& move them north at least a 100 miles from the Lake Pontchartrain area as you will not be able to come back to the New Orleans area & supplies will probably be non existent. I know this might be hard to fathom to a lot of people but any storm in the gulf could lead to this due to the water that gets pushed inland with this kind of storm activity.No you will not hear this on the news but you better use common sense or you will be standing in line with the rest of the Sheeple.Good luck to us & may God bless us all

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1 comment:

Aloha2U said...

Another great post! Hopefully people will be prepared ahead of time and not wait.

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