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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A trial run under pressure

Last week we had an occasion to test our preps without notice.I was taking a shower at about 9:30pm when a passing storm knocked out the power. I felt my way out of the shower to the door.I was sure happy that I took the time to mount multiple battery powered led light strips above the doorways throughout the house.(I purchased these from Big Lots for $6 ea)I got dried off and went to the living room.As it turned out a large area in the parish was out.When we tried to call the utility company to report it we couldn't get through due to the automated system not recognizing our house phone(CABLE phone)so I said the hell with it. About 45 minutes later the rain slacked & the humidity was 100% & it was getting pretty uncomfortable.I noticed that no one else in the neighborhood had lights at all. My deuce bag neighbor pulled his car up to his front door & turned on his lights.So I told the ol lady the hell with this let's get this show on the road,We went out side ,Turned off the main breaker to the house & started the generator.(I have it hooked to a dedicated breaker) flipped on the gen circuit & the house came to life.
Everything up & running but the large appliances.With a ceiling fan in every room,& those low watt spiral bulbs in every fixture ,the house lit up like a beacon.I found it amusing that my Rabbits had more light than any one else on the block! They think I'm a nut but who was comfortable now . HA HA !!
Anyway a couple of hours later the cops pull up to the house.The dogs were cutting up so I went out to see what was up. He told me that The neighbor called up & complained that I was running my generator,when I ask if that was illegal he said that he didn't know but the hell with the neighbor,with the neighbor on his porch I'm sure he could hear the policeman & I getting a good chuckle.As the cop was getting ready to leave the lights came back on in the neighborhood.He said ,well i guess that will be that & I advised him that I would probably run it another 20 minutes or so as the machines need to be load tested from time to time,he agreed& I told him to have a safe shift. The cop told him to get over it and left.
About 20 minutes later we went out to transfer power back to the grid & secure the generator.As I was walking up the back stairs of the deck the wife told me to wave to the neighbor,I looked over to see him on his porch glaring at us, well not to let a good opportunity pass me by,I dropped my shorts slapped a cheek & told him to pucker up..Oh well at least I had a chance to test my equipment when it counted & got a couple of laughs to boot, PREP on,Hurricane season is almost here........

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Worn Out said...

ROFL, good for you Rhino, wish I could have seen it. Glad you trial run worked out, with tornadoes and oil slicks I wonder what else is in store for us this year!

Anonymous said...


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