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Friday, May 28, 2010

Energy savings & alternative lighting in a shtf situation

When the storms come rolling thru & the power goes out it is a drag if you haven't prepared.I thought that I would post what works for me & maybe give some of you some ideas.First I purchased some battery operated lights from big lots.They have 6 led's & take 3 AAA batteries.One thing I really liked is that they come with a mounting bracket.I purchased 4 of them & placed them over the doors of the living room.2 bedrooms & main entrance door.By being in a set place you being familiar with your environment can probably find them easily in the dark.Once you get one of them lit you are on your way.I don't know how long they last on a set of batteries.Make sure to check them whenever you do your battery maintenance for your smoke detectors and of course at the beginning of hurricane season. Second I have a back up generator,just a cheapo 5000watt one but I have it hardwired into a dedicated breaker in the main panel so when the time comes to use them I'm back online fast.I also keep at least 30gallons of stabilized fuel on hand.
And any prepper worth a damm will have a backup for his backup plan right? I also have a 1500 watt inverter with a nice size battery I got from work that we use to start our huge fire pump,something like you would see on a 18 wheeler.Any way I have a cord to bring in the house with multiple outlets, I have ran a small chest freezer on it for days to keep my meat frozen .I also have a couple of lamps with some led bulbs I got from Sam's.They are pricey $20 for 2, but at least I will have light that draws almost no energy. Any way that's my energy plan for hurricane season & those pesky storms that will have ya sitting in the dark when you least expect it
Prep on.........................

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