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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thats right we are getting Ready!!!


The number 1 thing on your survival list is water.You cannot survive without plenty of it in a crisis situation.Wouldn't it be ironic that you are surrounded by water & died from dehydration.In my area Hurricanes are the primary threat,so having a stash of food & water until you can get some help or get out is a must.Water is quite bulky to store.I have went the route of being able to filter my water.I have a well on my property.Even if I can't get it out of the ground I can filter water from my pond or even the ditch.I have a Berkly type filter that kills the bacteria as well as filters the water.Here's a little info on it.
The Aqua Cera water filter comes with two world class Doulton Super Stearysyl ceramic candles to remove bacteria from water. The ceramic filters have been used for 160 years by missionaries all over the world. They will remove bacteria from any water source. If your water is off, you can collect rain water, river water, even water from puddles. Just pour it in the top, let it drip through the ceramic filters, and you will have bacteria-free water in the lower compartment. This plastic-body Aqua Cera filter will produce about 2 quarts of water per hour. The Aqua Cera can be ordered with 2, 4 or 5 filters (7 inch or 10 inch long). As you add more ceramic filters to the unit, it filters water faster.
I have now discontinued buying bottled water.The wife has not wanted to drink the well water as she said it taste funny.She has no problem with the filtered water.
You would be wise to consider this type system for survival.
In my opinion water is my first priority.You should address this as well.
Prep on my Friends...........................
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