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Thursday, August 6, 2009

swine flu shot ,will you take it?

As I was reading all my favorite blogs today I came across this video posted by Mr Creekmore
at the survivalist blog.It pretty much confirms my feelings about these flu shots,I stopped taking any kind of flu shots years ago because every time I took one I got sick with the flu. I figured I'd just take my chances& let nature run it's course. That was many years ago when I kinda trusted the government. But now ....NO WAY.I wouldn't believe em if they said it was raining,I'd have to look out the window & check for myself.These days everything they do is quick,has to be done today or it's the end of the world, ha ha!! In my opinion, everything is driven by money, there hasn't been time for proper testing, so count me & my family out.Check out this video from the 70's,somehow I don't think much has changed,everyone will have to make that choice for themselves,unless they round us up & try and make us take it or put us in a FEMA camp for isolation.

I Think if there is a out break I will quarantine in place just like I will stay here for a hurricane instead of heading for the Superdome, we all know how that turned out

Hope it doesn't come to that.good luck & Prep on................


Red said...

No shots for me thank you!

SciFiChick said...

I think we all know where they can stick their shot!

erniesjourney said...

Self-quarantine is the key - that is why we prep - so yeppers you are right NO SHOTS! Great post Rhino. How's that garden??

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