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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do or Die Time

Well the storms are starting to roll off the coast of Africa & although It has been quit, it's starting to heat up. If you plan to evacuate , get your things ready to go-Clothes meds,Important papers Food, ready to secure your residence while gone, place to go,Etc

If your gonna stay I hope you have thought it out & prepared-food,water, ,generator ,gas,Tools Weapons to protect yourself,First aid kit,flashlights ,batteries,& the hundred other things we have blogged about all year,It's damm near showtime people & if you don't have it together you will be on your own & times will be a bitch.
My advice is if you don't think you are fully ready get the hell out!!!

Double check supplies & get ready because the time is almost here, good luck & continue to prep until the event is here..............


Anonymous said...

Rhino keep us updated.

Kentucky Preppers Network

erniesjourney said...

Good point Rhino!:)

Worn Out said...

You heard him people! Prep or haul. Great post!

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