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Saturday, July 11, 2009

survival state of mind Part 2

While in your survival situation you will be confronted with many problems that you will need to overcome. Your brain will be your best asset ,You will have to defeat negative thoughts and imaginations, and also control and master your fears.You will need to adopt that positive and optimistic "can do attitude". You will need to be creative and use your ability to improvise to adapt to the situation.Your problem solving must be based on recognizing threats to your life, knowing their priority of influence, knowing their severity of threat to your life, and taking actions that will keep you alive. It is important to consider your safety at all times. If you sum up and analyze what you need to combat it will be easier to fight known enemies than if you were fighting something unknown. Loneliness, fatigue, pain, cold/heat, hunger, thirst, and fear are your major enemies in emergency survival situations.
To keep your body alive you must react to your body's problem indicators and defend yourself against the major enemies of survival. Always remember to keep your positive mental attitude. Don't add any extra burden to yourself by falling into a destructive mental state like feeling self-pity or hopelessness. Your positive mental attitude will help you combat your survival enemies.

in part 3 we will break it down -Loneliness, fatigue, pain, cold/heat, hunger, thirst, and fear

*** The busy part of Hurricane season is just around the corner ,Don't get caught off guard because of the dry weather we have had lately,A storm can pop up overnight,
Get your preps in order NOW....................


Rhino said...

I know what you mean Rhino....When I was stuck on the roof with you for 3 days my survival instincts truly set in and it was what can I do to make the life and death situation better. A situation like Hurricane Katrina truly showed me what I was capable of. I never really knew until this event happened in our lives. We had to stay strong and have a "CAN DO" attitude !I would't want to do it again but I know I can do it if need be....We were a great team with the Hurricane katrina situation.Bayougal :0)

American Prepper said...

If only more Katrina "victims" would learn from you guys....I love the "CAN DO" Attitude.

Great post!

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