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Friday, July 24, 2009

Almost too late...

It's past time to be prepped for the storm season,The busiest time in my neck of the woods is almost upon us.Do you have your food & water stored? Do you have a way to prepare it? Do you have any of the hundreds of things we think about if the worst happens.I guess to sum it up if you don't have a list you had best make one & shop accordingly & if you do have a list recheck supplies & make sure everything works,have you run your generator lately?

Turn off the main switch to the house & see how it goes,that will give you a good idea how things will go short term.I think we ALL can find something that will not go as planned.And usually it goes like a domino effect. When something doesn't work it will also effect a couple of other things as well.Get you ass in gear or go to the Bus stop & wait on Uncle Sugar. I won't be there, Will you?..............Prep on

1 comment:

erniesjourney said...

Hope you don't have a rough season this go around, but TPTB may have other nefarious plans for your area! I have heard tell they have plans to really stir up the weather but IDK.

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