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Monday, May 25, 2009

Gettin screwed by Corporate America on Propane

One of my main backups for cooking is my grill,so I depend on propane storage. I usually just drop in to Home depot & trade out the empty cylinder for a full one & I am on my way.Well today I read in a national paper where the company that provides the propane is only putting in 15 lbs in a twenty lb tank.That means for every 4 tanks They are screwing me out of 1 whole tank. WTF !!! The article stated that when gas was high last year they started this practice so they would not have to go up on the price.Well I wonder why they did not inform the public at the time that they were doing this,not to mention that when the price fell they continued to short every body on the fuel instead of giving you what you thought you were paying for. The only way you can get your money's worth is to go where you can watch the SOB's weigh it out on a scale. Well I for one will be sure to go to one of the mom & pop stores & give them the business.It might take more time but I will be putting money in the little mans pocket & getting what I pay for.
Also only a week left till the official start of Hurricane season so get your act together preppers .................................


matthiasj said...

Interesting, I haven't heard about that. Good luck this hurricane season.

Rhino said...

thanks matt

American Prepper said...

I second what matt said, good luck this hurricane season. Just wait till we have Cap and Trade, we'll all get screwed by Government and Corporate America....Gang raped if you ask me.

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