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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gettin closer everyday

Just another couple of weeks and Hurricane season will officially be under way.Most preps should be in place.I am in pretty good shape with only a few small things left on the list.
My target of rabbits in the freezer (50) is met as of the ones I have in hand with 2 more litters due within a week.

the garden is doing fantastic!! Everything is taking off like crazy the Tomato
Bed is awesome. Once these plants start producing I will have way more than I know what to do with them. Looks like canning is in the future. The Bell peppers are looking great, cucumbers need to be picked ,Onions are running wild,potatoes & egg plant are healthy.

One only needs to look at what's happing right know up north. MM paints writes that they had a storm with 155mph winds decimate the area and no news reports.No reports no help. WTF!!! you are on your own,be there or be square,I won't get caught with my guard down again. Our prayers go out to our neighbors up north for a quick recovery

PREP ON.............................................


American Prepper said...

The Garden is looking awesome man

Anonymous said...

What part of LA are you in? I am in East Texas and would purchased dressed rabbits if you are interested.

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