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Friday, May 1, 2009

1 Month to go & a prep drill

Well 1 month to go until Hurricane season & Time is getting short to be prepped for the summer.I had a little test today,I was in the Den reading and suddenly BOOM I heard the fuses blow on the transformer down the road,Lights out ,Total darkness & Quiet. I grabbed my Flashlight & rolled out the genset . Hooked up the power cord in the main panel, Tried to start it up and nothing, after about 10 minutes I sat down, Damm I'm supposed to be ready. Took off the air filter ,gave it a shot of starter fluid & it took off.It's been a couple of months since I ran it.Guess I deserve it for not running it once a month for at least 10 minutes. Transferred power & everything was on line. As I checked around the neighbor hood I noticed only 1 neighbor with a generator running. The other dozen or so houses were dead quiet & dark. It was a muggy night and no need to be uncomfortable. Cooked me a couple of Hot Dogs on the grill & chilled out watching the evening news. When the power came back on The neighborhood came alive again.
so Lesson learned ,be vigilant about maintenance of equipment & be ready for problems that Will occur . Also I am clearly aware that my neighbors don't have their act together & will be a problem if they stay behind for a storm. Hopefully ALL the people in this area will get the hell out if a storm is eminent or they are going to be in a world of discomfort.
GET READY IT'S JUST AROUND THE CORNER.....................Prep on............


Rhino said...

Hey Rhino, You were not in this alone buddy ! Bayougal got the flashlights 1st. The reason this was is because I have put the flashlights in a place where it would be easy to find them in the dark . It's called Strategic placing. Not all over the place like you keep putting them.

Rhino said...

Bayou gal ,
I must admit that you are a Key Cog in the Wheel,but you are mistaken, I got My flashlight in the dark with no assistance.AND YES YOU FOUND THE STARTING FLUID BUT i'M SURE YOU ARE THE ONE THAT PUT IT THERE.
So I guess that shows everyone without both on the team we will be screwed .

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