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Thursday, April 2, 2009

60 Days out

Less than 60 days till Hurricane season & I'm Trying to finalize my preps. I have a good bit of dry storage & the freezer is almost stocked.Also picked up a 90 day supply of meds for stash that I will rotate with my regular monthly prescriptions.Gas is stored with stabilizer for the generator, Batteries are charged for alternate power ,But I always need AA & AAA batteries it seems.I got lucky & a friend got me some nice Motorola radios, the commercial type that were retired for new ones at the hospital he works at.They work fine just need a couple of Batteries @ $45 each.Each one cost about $350 new so I made out great & they transmit well over a mile in my preliminary test. They will come in handy if I need to post a lookout or patrol the area in the aftermath of a storm. Anyway I guess you can see that you will need to make a list of needed supplies & get to cracking or you will be stuck when tshtf. Well till next time...............Get to prepping!!!


Humble wife said...

Oh the Hurricane season:( I never realized the catastrophic attack it causes until we went to LA the year after Katrina. The damage was still horrific.

Last year we came face to face with Hurricane Dolly this far inland in NM and had flooding from the storms. Prep on for sure.

erniesjourney said...

Both of you are true preppers and I know you will be ready for something as small as a hurricane - you have been prepping for the NWO! LOL! :)

CoM said...

A few more things to add to your Hurricane Prep list:

1. Clothesline or rope, and clothes pins. I used a mop bucket with a wringer on it to wring my clothes out with.

2. Don't forget to have your chain saw in tip top shape!

3. We freeze as many butter container or other type container of water as we can to make extra ice. We also bag ice cubes.

4. Have all of your window boards cut, drilled, ready to hang.

5. If you have a generator & a lil extra money, buy a small 110 volt air conditioner. You can put it in one closed off bedroom and at least be able to sleep !

We will be getting one this year for sure !!

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