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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Survival Garden Update

Well we have been busy so we haven't gotten as much done as we would have liked. Wound up having to make another trip for top soil,another 40 bags.Bayougal thinks she has all she needs & we will finish spreading the mud ,stuffing in some fish heads & start planting Tomorrow!!!
After all that labor I still had to cook & tend to the rabbits so I thought I would break-in the new Grill.Grilled some sausage & Wabbit. Saving the rabbit for tomorrow's lunch but I must say it came out nice & Juicy,Till next time........


Kymber said...

ugh ...i don't know what is killing me more - your gorgeous garden or the grilled rabbit!
that is gonna be an awesome lunch! enjoy!

erniesjourney said...

I will pass on the wabbit Rhino, but the garden looks totally awesome!!!

Rhino said...

gotta give bayou gal the credit ,she's the brains of this operation

Worn Out said...

Garden looks great! I'll be tilling today.

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