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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3 months to get ready

Well it's getting to be that time of year,3months till Hurricane season.I've been going over my checklist & checking the supplies to see what I need,adding a few things to the Preps to renew what we took out over the winter ,new additions,building up the battery stash .WHAT? YOU DON'T have a list??? I've found that you can not possibly remember everything with a list so if you don't have one you better get with it man!!! Start with the essentials and work up from there. Go to the Fema web site(he he ) & download a prep list and add what you personally would feel comfortable with.Remember that you could be without services for 30 days or more & once your in the middle of the situation you have no one to blame but yourself. Start early (NOW) so you won't be running around at the last minute.Don't forget to get any meds you have to have.Well I gotta get to work so till next time.............Later


Ken said...

...good to read ya Rhino...ahh yes...the 'list',i have a list of my lists'...lol
...look forward to the blog,GoodLuckGodBless...

CoM said...


This is my first comment on this blog. We are much closer to hurricane season now.

I would like to reinforce the importance of water storage that Rhino spoke of in another post. Water is Priority one!

During Katrina we had our generator hooked up to our electrical panel so had use of our well.

When Entergy rehooked our meter up THEY bent the pins and blamed us for damaging the meter . They tried to charge us 1,500.00 for a new meter. I called the Public Service Commissioner, fought it & won the case, not having to pay for a new meter.

When Gustav came we figured we'd only be without power a few days so we did not go through our electical panel, just ran extention cords and planned to just use our stored water.

It turned into 9 days. We had 250 gallons of stored water in 55 gal drums (treated) plus some bottled water.

We used EVERY drop of the 250 gallons for flushing, washing, cleaning etc.

Had our hand pump not been diconnected (by hubby) from the well we would have had more fresh water available. The thing leaked & was rusting so he got aggravated with it & disconnected it....grrrrr

I encourage everyone that has a well to get a hand pump for it & keep it connected! lol

There is a new product on the market called the Water BoB. It looks like a great inexpensive item to store a bathtub full of water in. Check it out


and prep on, as Rhino says :-)

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