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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When it's time to BUG OUT

Vehicle Preparation

When it’s Time to bug out you need Dependable transportation. NO EXCUSES.
When it was time to get out for Katrina the road was full of disabled cars, Flat tires overheating, out of gas, dead batteries. This crap won’t fly in a emergency. You will be stuck on the side of the road at someone else’s mercy or generosity. And there’s not much of that in a SHTF situation. It is imperative to have your vehicle in good shape for hurricane season. Spend a weekend looking under the hood, and see what shape your car is in BEFORE Hurricane season.
Make a checklist;
Tires-check tread wear & air pressure,& don’t forget the spare!
Battery- check connections & make sure you don’t have corrosion on the terminals
Belts- The obvious, check for wear or cracks. If you cant replace them go to a shop & get it done dammitt.A $5 belt will leave you stranded.
Radiator-when is the last time you replaced your ant-freeze? This can be a lifesaver in summer bumper-to-bumper traffic as well as extend your radiator life.
Air filter. If it's dirty at least blow it off or replace it.
Oil change-this tends to get overlooked but extends motor life as well as the engine running smooth
Tools- you should at least keep a minimal tool kit & jumper cables as well as a gallon of anti-freeze or water in the trunk.
This is not everything but you get the idea, when your Life could depend on it you need to get off your ass unless you are going to wait on Uncle Sugar…..he will probably pass by a week later, If your lucky…………………Prep on

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