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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A way to make water safe to Drink

As I stated in my first blog you have to have water. I have been checking into this for some time. Some say you can filter it, some say chemical treatment, If you have the means you can distill it. The best article I have seen lately is from a site called Survival topics. I hope he doesn’t mind me spreading the word……..Boil it!!
A way to make water safe to Drink
Water is often the most critical resource necessary for survival in the wilderness. You can go without food for days or weeks, but go without water for just one day and you chances of survival diminish.
During a survival situation that lasts several days it would be difficult or impossible to carry enough drinking water. This means that you must rely upon local sources of water to replenish your stocks. But you must always consider water to be contaminated with disease organisms.
Many survival kits include water filters or water purification tablets. Experience has shown that all too often these methods of making water safe to drink fail. Water filters are not as reliable as some would have you believe. In fact, many tests have shown that there are actually only a few brands of water filters that successfully trap many of the disease causing organisms that may be in water of even the cleanest appearance. In addition, if your water filter is dirty, worn out, or used incorrectly it may not work satisfactorily.
Chemical water purification often fails also, due to chemicals becoming out of date or improper usage.
I highly recommend boiling water as the best and most fool proof means of making it safe to drink. This means you will need some kind of pot included in your survival kit in order to boil water over a fire. This can be even made from an old metal coffee can. The pot can double as the container for the survival kit you are making, and can be used to cook food as well.

From what I can gather as soon as the water hits a rolling boil it’s safe to drink.This seems like the best way to work with limited resources in a SHTF situation.It sure would have come in handy for me during Katrinia. ........Prep on All...............

1 comment:

Kymber said...

Probably the single most important post I have read Rhino!!! We seem so caught up in our filters and chemicals that we forgot the most common-sense way to make good drinking water! Thanks for knocking the rocks in my head around - I love posts like these - please keep 'em coming!

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