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Friday, February 27, 2009

Back to planing

With Mardi Gras done now I will be able to get back on track.As you all well know It is easy to be overcome with thinking about all that has to be done so I want to stick to the kiss method of doing things (keep it simple stupid).
Since we covered water let's touch on food & Keeping it fresh.I am planning for hurricane survival because I think that is the most probable scenario in my neck of the woods(short term,2/4 weeks without service) followed by Economic collapse (long term).
I have a fair amount of food stored in my chest freezer & would be wiped out if I lost it so I have multiple plans to keep it going.First I have a generator of course, Actually I have 2. But keeping a ton of gas on hand is cost prohibitive,so I have 4 -15gallon plastic barrels Filled with gas & stabilizer stashed in a old shed on my property out of sight.Now is the time to stash gas for 2 reasons,#1 I hear winter gas keeps better & #2 It's probably as cheap as it's gonna get.Plenty of motor oil is needed as well. Until I got a gen set I never realized that the oil needed to be changed so frequently.It would be a Damm shame to loose a $800 gen set to lack of lubrication. Once after a hurricane I witnessed a dumb ass neighbor take one out of the box & run it without checking the oil.Needless to say it didn't run long.Some have low oil protection but it is something that can not be overlooked.
The freezer will not run much daily so that should hold me over short term.Long term is a different animal.I came up with a low cost alternative,Batteries. I purchased a 1500 watt inverter from Sam's. This converts 12 volts to 110 volts & was able to acquire a couple of batteries from work that we use to start a big Diesel water pump for our sprinkler system.These need to be changed by law every couple of years & are still in good shape so I made out on that one. Smaller batteries can be used. With a little research on the net you can find what will work for your application. Since I have 2, one can be recharging while the other is being used. My next purchase will be a solar panel. Harbor Freight has a fairly inexpensive one I plan on trying.I don't have any experience with solar stuff so it will be a new adventure for me, I'll keep you posted on that.
I also came across a plan to make a homemade generator set,It involves mounting a car alternator to a lawnmower motor with pulleys & a belt. It looked good on paper,should take a small amount of fuel to get the batteries recharged rapidly.And most of all It's another alternative.You could in a pinch recharge the battery with jumper cables hooked to your car but I don't think that would be efficient,just good in a pinch.
A string of low watt 12volt lights run through the house would help preserve other resources as well.
If anybody has any other Ideas let me know .We need all the help we can can get to make it through tough times. Prep on................


rock2fox said...

I run my deep freezer off of solar panels as well. I think (emphasis on think, I could be wrong) that you might be underestimating your freezer's daily requirement of energy. I know I did when I set up my system. I have 3x110w panels, 2 x 132aHr Gel-Cell batteries and my freezer uses more than the panels produce daily, so every couple of days I have to switch the freezer back to the grid and let the battery bank charge up. Just a thought; I also might have a bigger freezer than you too. Who knows - the important thing is that you are thinking about this, and prepping, and doing all the shit that the rest of the world is too lazy to attend to.

Good luck from the OK preppers.

erniesjourney said...

Excellent - and we will be hitting harbour town freight soon too for some panels and an inverter - we know nothing about solar but will learn!! LOL!


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