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Friday, February 27, 2009

Back to planing

With Mardi Gras done now I will be able to get back on track.As you all well know It is easy to be overcome with thinking about all that has to be done so I want to stick to the kiss method of doing things (keep it simple stupid).
Since we covered water let's touch on food & Keeping it fresh.I am planning for hurricane survival because I think that is the most probable scenario in my neck of the woods(short term,2/4 weeks without service) followed by Economic collapse (long term).
I have a fair amount of food stored in my chest freezer & would be wiped out if I lost it so I have multiple plans to keep it going.First I have a generator of course, Actually I have 2. But keeping a ton of gas on hand is cost prohibitive,so I have 4 -15gallon plastic barrels Filled with gas & stabilizer stashed in a old shed on my property out of sight.Now is the time to stash gas for 2 reasons,#1 I hear winter gas keeps better & #2 It's probably as cheap as it's gonna get.Plenty of motor oil is needed as well. Until I got a gen set I never realized that the oil needed to be changed so frequently.It would be a Damm shame to loose a $800 gen set to lack of lubrication. Once after a hurricane I witnessed a dumb ass neighbor take one out of the box & run it without checking the oil.Needless to say it didn't run long.Some have low oil protection but it is something that can not be overlooked.
The freezer will not run much daily so that should hold me over short term.Long term is a different animal.I came up with a low cost alternative,Batteries. I purchased a 1500 watt inverter from Sam's. This converts 12 volts to 110 volts & was able to acquire a couple of batteries from work that we use to start a big Diesel water pump for our sprinkler system.These need to be changed by law every couple of years & are still in good shape so I made out on that one. Smaller batteries can be used. With a little research on the net you can find what will work for your application. Since I have 2, one can be recharging while the other is being used. My next purchase will be a solar panel. Harbor Freight has a fairly inexpensive one I plan on trying.I don't have any experience with solar stuff so it will be a new adventure for me, I'll keep you posted on that.
I also came across a plan to make a homemade generator set,It involves mounting a car alternator to a lawnmower motor with pulleys & a belt. It looked good on paper,should take a small amount of fuel to get the batteries recharged rapidly.And most of all It's another alternative.You could in a pinch recharge the battery with jumper cables hooked to your car but I don't think that would be efficient,just good in a pinch.
A string of low watt 12volt lights run through the house would help preserve other resources as well.
If anybody has any other Ideas let me know .We need all the help we can can get to make it through tough times. Prep on................

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Troubling Times

These are troubling times my friends, when you take in all the news reports, watch the stock markets crash,see all the turmoil going on around you you would have to be a damm fool to sit on your ass and do nothing. I went to Sam's today and overspent my budget(as usual) and shored up my preps, many canned goods ,Beans, rice,condiments,and meat. Also stocked up on animal food.I Am going to squeeze in some fencing materials to protect the garden form the dogs & critters as best we can & hope for the best. I am doing all I can do within my means. I feel like I have been told that the big storm is coming & get ready for the shtf.I advise everyone to get a plan quickly if you don't have one & implement it asap.I'm good on guns & ammo but I advise you to get that together as well. This crap is working on my nerves pretty good but I guess you just have to take a breath and man up baby!! Good luck to all & get off your ass

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shit about to hit the Fan

I don't like to copy other people's post but after reading Ernie's post from the Indiana prep network page I feel everyone needs to be aware.....Thanks Ernie

The Revolution is Brewing...Gun Bills Are In
EMERGENCY - The ship is taking on water!

I am just spittin' mad now - I can hardly restrain myself from absolutely screaming from the top of my lungs! We need to be contacting our reps and senators and the White House and let them all know that we will not accept this! Was going to suggest that you call your senators but I have tried and the mail box is full! Imagine that! Will keep trying and so should you. The toll free numbers are 1-877-851-6437 and 1- 866-220-0044. The number for the White House phone numbers are 1-202-456-1111 and 1-202-456-1414. Also, email your senators!!! Raise heck with these people!!!

A precursor to HR 45 that I touched upon in a previous post went through in the stimulus bill underneath the auspices of the Health Spending Bill. Particularly bothersome are 13101 through 13434 of HR 1 of the stimulus bill concerning the Health Spending Bill. This has to do with establishing a national database under the title of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. This database would have the health/medical records for every single american stored and available to the federal government. This sets the stage for banning guns since they say that if you have ever seen a psychiatrist or medical doctor for depression and such and are on any medications such as prozac etc, then you are banned from owning a handgun. They have already passed a bill in 2008 called the NICS Improvement Act or the Veterans Disarmament Act which stated that any soldier that has been treated for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) cannot own any type of firearm. Now, all this being said, they have introduced HR 45 and the Blair Holt Act as well. They have effectively allowed for gun banning/confiscation to actively begin with the passage of the new stimulus bill. Now, my friends and fellow preppers, it is soon to be check-mate. They are angling for a revolution in this country and we have to fight even more tirelessly to get the information out - information is our greatest weapon. Make no mistake preppers, they will come for your guns.

Also want to lay something out for everyone: with 25 states writing proposals(Indiana is one of them considering such legislation) to succeed from the Union - basically saying that the individual states will not tolerate further over stepping by the federal government (such as no gun bans or martial law), does anyone else see what may happen? I am afraid that this will really anger the PTB and they will really step up this take-over and that is why it is so important that they get our weapons. I am afraid that they will also stage some "attacks" on CONUS to step the gun ban up even more. If we try to break away and do not tow the line with the feds/bankers they will try to start a civil war too. Anyone else feel this way?


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A way to make water safe to Drink

As I stated in my first blog you have to have water. I have been checking into this for some time. Some say you can filter it, some say chemical treatment, If you have the means you can distill it. The best article I have seen lately is from a site called Survival topics. I hope he doesn’t mind me spreading the word……..Boil it!!
A way to make water safe to Drink
Water is often the most critical resource necessary for survival in the wilderness. You can go without food for days or weeks, but go without water for just one day and you chances of survival diminish.
During a survival situation that lasts several days it would be difficult or impossible to carry enough drinking water. This means that you must rely upon local sources of water to replenish your stocks. But you must always consider water to be contaminated with disease organisms.
Many survival kits include water filters or water purification tablets. Experience has shown that all too often these methods of making water safe to drink fail. Water filters are not as reliable as some would have you believe. In fact, many tests have shown that there are actually only a few brands of water filters that successfully trap many of the disease causing organisms that may be in water of even the cleanest appearance. In addition, if your water filter is dirty, worn out, or used incorrectly it may not work satisfactorily.
Chemical water purification often fails also, due to chemicals becoming out of date or improper usage.
I highly recommend boiling water as the best and most fool proof means of making it safe to drink. This means you will need some kind of pot included in your survival kit in order to boil water over a fire. This can be even made from an old metal coffee can. The pot can double as the container for the survival kit you are making, and can be used to cook food as well.

From what I can gather as soon as the water hits a rolling boil it’s safe to drink.This seems like the best way to work with limited resources in a SHTF situation.It sure would have come in handy for me during Katrinia. ........Prep on All...............

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When it's time to BUG OUT

Vehicle Preparation

When it’s Time to bug out you need Dependable transportation. NO EXCUSES.
When it was time to get out for Katrina the road was full of disabled cars, Flat tires overheating, out of gas, dead batteries. This crap won’t fly in a emergency. You will be stuck on the side of the road at someone else’s mercy or generosity. And there’s not much of that in a SHTF situation. It is imperative to have your vehicle in good shape for hurricane season. Spend a weekend looking under the hood, and see what shape your car is in BEFORE Hurricane season.
Make a checklist;
Tires-check tread wear & air pressure,& don’t forget the spare!
Battery- check connections & make sure you don’t have corrosion on the terminals
Belts- The obvious, check for wear or cracks. If you cant replace them go to a shop & get it done dammitt.A $5 belt will leave you stranded.
Radiator-when is the last time you replaced your ant-freeze? This can be a lifesaver in summer bumper-to-bumper traffic as well as extend your radiator life.
Air filter. If it's dirty at least blow it off or replace it.
Oil change-this tends to get overlooked but extends motor life as well as the engine running smooth
Tools- you should at least keep a minimal tool kit & jumper cables as well as a gallon of anti-freeze or water in the trunk.
This is not everything but you get the idea, when your Life could depend on it you need to get off your ass unless you are going to wait on Uncle Sugar…..he will probably pass by a week later, If your lucky…………………Prep on
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