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Sunday, January 25, 2009

where do we start....

Where do we start…… What do we need? The Basics….

#1 on the list is water; potable water, you can’t go far with out it. You need to keep a minimum of 1gal a day per person. If money is tight use empty 2 liter bottles. And since this area is so humid that amount is on the light side. Store. as much as possible. And that’s just to drink
You still need it for sanitary reasons. So I guess you can never have enough. I am fortunate enough to have a well so as long as it doesn’t get damaged I’m good to go. But now that I’m thinking about it it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare pump and some extra pvc pipe.

#2 Food- If Frugally done the expense can be kept down to a minimum. A little extra each week when shopping will add up quickly. Before you know it you will be wondering where you are going to put this stuff. Try & acquire the stuff you will eat not just Vienna sausages. Canned Chicken, Tuna,Chli, Prego& Pasta all keep a long time, canned fruits , juices ,veggies, powdered milk . And of course plenty of beans & rice, any thing you eat regularly and doesn’t take a lot to make them eatable & that doesn’t need refrigeration is a good pick. More on types of food in future post.

#3 A way to cook the food..Even with a 5500-watt gen.set Firing up a Elect. Stove is hard on the pocket. Gasoline is going up daily again & no telling what it will cost or if it will even be available in a crisis. My Favorite is the Barbecue grill, The Wife doesn’t miss a beat using the grill, she can do anything on that grill except bake and I’m sure she could manage if she want’s to.
If you don’t have much space you will have to think smaller, even a hibachi will help the cause. Storing fuel in the house is usually a problem this is why I go with propane.

#4 Light-Lots of options here if you are prepared, Candles, Gas Lantern, and Flashlights. Boy I would have given up a lot for a light when I was on the roof after Katrina. No light except for guard duty. Whatever option you choose remember the fuel to make it work. Batteries, gas, kerosene, whatever… have a good amount put away.

Now that we have the basics, in the next post we will need to practice on our skills to making it all work…


American Prepper said...

Good Job with your first couple Posts. I'll anounce it on American Preppers

Bullseye said...

Great job and we have you linked in Kentucky. Welcome aboard. Good to have you on the network.

TEAM HALL said...

Big hello from Canada! We'll be following along...

erniesjourney said...

Great post! You will have some valuable input from your past experiences I am sure!

Joel the K said...

Hey now Rhino! Welcome to the AMPNET. I am following you. Gitcha prep on.

Shy Wolf said...

Rhino- a Minnesota welcome to the Prepper Net- glad to have you on board!

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