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Saturday, January 31, 2009

what does it take

What does it take to wake up??

As I am checking out the news of the bad weather in the Kentucky / Arkansas area I am wondering how many family’s are suffering? This is not the first bad weather in history. Yet I am sure there are countless sheeple wondering when Uncle Sugar will arrive…. The news stated that it could be Mid February until the power is back on.
Damm I feel sorry for the children, because of their Parents lack of foresight They are suffering, scared, cold hungry & maybe in serious risk of dying…. all needlessly.
Maybe after this is over they will get with the program & at least have a plan. I would not feel like a good parent if I let my family down with their safety when it would have been no big deal with a little preparation. All the prepper blogs in the area I’m reading says they are going on like nothing is happening except that they are staying inside. That’s why I prep, & why I will continue to live this lifestyle till the day I die.
In our area the main weather threat is a hurricane. Anyone who plans on riding one out had better be prepped or they will be on the news Looking for help. I know things can go wrong, Murphy lives in my neighborhood too but with a good effort from people that are prepared almost anything can be overcome. My Prayers go out to the people who are in dire straights.

The worst might not happen but if it does I WILL have my Shit together before hand & God willing I will make it!!

Prep on Brothers & Sisters


Shy Wolf said...

Amen, Rhino- we prep for our loved ones, to insure they have a future. We prep for life.
God bless, prep on.

American Prepper said...

You got it right brother! The more of us that have it together, the better off we will all be

riverwalker said...

Too many times the real victims are children who have parents that fail to provide properly for their well being. Excellent post Rhino!


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