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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The other day I covered the basic preps for home. But before we really get into breaking down home preps I have to tell you that you should put some thought into being prepared when not at Home. Most people have a few things that could get them out of a jam stashed in their car-Jumper cables, fix-a-flat, etc I. commute 50 miles a day to work mostly I-10 through the marshland but when I hit town It’s all bad. Bad doesn’t cover it. Most neighborhoods are still toast from the storm, full of squatters & bums. And of course we have the crack heads as well. Which brings me to my BOB. To the newbies that’s short for bug out bag. Mine is just a knapsack with a few essentials that could save my tail in times of trouble. I will go over what I have in my bag & you can decide if this will help you make a choice to carry one or what things might be good for you. One thing to keep in mind is that stuff accumulates very quickly & by the time you get every thing you need you can’t carry the damm thing without your back going out!

First I have light-2 of them actually, I cheapo led & 1 damm good one. I check the batteries every couple of months & have a spare set as well also I made sure they both used the same type of batteries so that cuts down on stocking them.

I bought a cheap multi-tool from home Depot-it contains a screwdriver in both flat blade & Phillips; serrateted saw blade, knife blade, needle nose pliers, can opener, & file.

A poncho- you never know, we do live in a tropical climate.

A can of bug repellant- worth a million bucks in the swamp.

A small pack of nylon rope.

A folding wood saw- great for sawing branches

And in a vacuum-sealed bag I keep a couple of bic lighters, and a extra clip of ammo (optional).
And a little mini kit I made my self with fishing hooks, line sinkers, toilet paper, matches & a pack of gum & a prepaid phone good for a year that takes the same battery as my regular cell., Coffee filter,& 2 rubbers (non lubricated), & a couple of rubber bands, Antibiotic ointment and a couple of band aids. All in a Tin can sealed up with duct tape on the lid.
I always keep a couple of small bottles of water in the car also
A bag of beef jerky, a can of Spam & An old belt slide holster.

Keep in mind this is what I bring with me on a daily basis, my bob at home is much more extensive.

This might seem weird but you might not believe the things I could accomplish if need with this stuff. I can procure water, boil it, catch fish, cook it and do a little first aid, stay dry in the rain, stay warm etc. you have to decide what applies to you. Everyone’s will be a little different.
Well I hope I gave you all a few ideas to work with so get your bag together. Till next time…...See Ya

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American Prepper said...

That's some good info there rhino. thanks!

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