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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another gun grab

Well I can see from reading the blogs today that people are getting nervous about the Fed's coming up with new rules to either get the guns or make the ammo scarce.Well I for one am not worried.Because they already Stole mine after Katrina.After we were rescued by wildlife & Fisheries the NOPD came & searched the building. I even talked to the officer that took them ,They said they turned them in to Central headquarters,I called Central & the officer said We Ain't Got No Guns!! So I called ATF, They called back a few weeks Later & said They couldn't find them.SO Screw It & Them!!!!!
enough said about that experience.
If you got guns stash em, Ammo Too. Just keep enough in the house for protection, I have Rottweilers. & they don't like strangers.
If you have reloading equipment now is the time to stock up on powder & primers. Get spare parts for your reloading machine as well.Like I said I'm not worried myself cause I know Uncle Sugar's gonna take care of ME.................Right

ps; Get plenty of preparation H

1 comment:

Shy Wolf said...

Rhino- condolences on the gestapo stealing your weapons. And thank you very, very much for that rich reminder how easy it is to lose our rights when uncle sugar decides to remove them.
God bless, prep on and get some more weaponry, please- you're going to need it. (Even if you have to take it off Rottweiler chewed corpses.)

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